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About Youth Leadership Elite

Youth Leadership Elite is an organization dedicated to developing the next generation of young leaders. We want to inspire our youth to get excited about becoming positive role models for their peers and community. Our goal is to create a culture and environment that celebrates self-improvement and leadership. We encourage our youth members to continue to grow stronger mentally, physically, academically, and socially. We live in a "Follow Me" society that often displays negative & dangerous examples; we want to develop positive young leaders who are truly worth following. We accomplish our mission by guiding, celebrating, recognizing, and rewarding our youth for their achievements!


Y.L.E Pillar #1 Leadership


Our LEADERSHIP pillar focuses on the Character Building, Self Development, Project Leadership, Community Service, In-School Service, Being A Leader At Home, and Goal Setting.


Leadership is often defined as the ability to guide or direct yourself and others. We believe that desire to step into leadership is severely lacking among our youth today. It’s far easier to go along with the crowd and follow along; than it is to step up and lead. The pressure to do what’s “popular” often wins out over doing what’s right.

Y.L.E Pillar #2 Grit


Our GRIT pillar focuses on the development of areas requiring perseverance, deliberate practice, and endurance. This includes Fitness, Team Sports, Self Defense, Swimming, Chess, Foreign Language, and Musical Instruments.


Some have defined grit as perseverance and passion for a long-term goal. Grit has also been associated with “firmness of mind” or courage. We believe that it’s critical to develop both mentally and physically strong young people to become future leaders.

Y.L.E Pillar #3 Real World Skills


Our REAL WORLD SKILLS pillar focuses on the development of Human Communication, Credit, Money Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, and Professionalism.


There comes the point in time when we must send our children into the world and allow them to become independent adults. Unfortunately, today many of our children are not being equipped with the skills to stand on their own and thrive. Pew researchers found that 32 percent of 18-to-34-year-old Americans lived at their parents’ home in 2014. Although we recognize the importance of “traditional education” and academics, many skill sets aren’t being taught in our schools.

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About Youth Leadership Elite.


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